What is it you seek?

The answer to that is as convoluted as you could want. Which any writer loves of course. Keeps us “mysterious” and other foolishness. So…the series has several main antagonist as it spreads its wings. The main one would be Dael ap Owain, of whose legacy this is. His spirit arcs over the whole. And for me at least, he’s my fantasy self built from people I’ve known, respected, loved, not liked very much (to include moi at times), really, a great blending of characters. Some real and others from places I’ve traveled to…Middle Earth, Dune, Malazan.

Ok, so if you’ve looked at my bio you know I’m writing from prison these past 29 years. ‘Nuff said ’bout that… I will say that there’s no excuse for it and that many have suffered for it, least of which has been me. But, to get through the first few years of trials lying on a smelly, well used mattress in some jail somewhere, I created a personal fantasy that turned into a bit of an ongoing epic. And being an avid sci-fi and fantasy reader, my fantasy/escape WAS a fantasy.
It started with a game of “What if.” What if I could go back(and redo my life!) to another age, know what I know, and create a life for myself. And the age of Roma had always fascinated me. Then, what if, in the 5th Century, when the Huns came rampaging out of the East for the third time and Rome was falling apart bit-by-bit, what if it wasn’t the Huns? What if…
And there ya are.
Then all it took is fifteen years or so before my daughter gave me a good kick in the butt with, “Quit complaining that you don’t have the time to write your stupid book. (Yeah, believe it or not, you can get really busy here. Go figure.)