Upon A Legacy Sworn

We speak of our legacies – our Oaths, Promises, Choices, and Songs

As if we brought none across time with us.  This we did, most assuredly.  We brought ourselves.
– Morrigan:  The Legacies

It is the year 462 anno Domini and the Roman Empire lies in bloody ruin beneath the Krîll legions’ steel. Indeed across the whole of Terra, verdant mother to mankind, the earth cries for her dead. Hope lies in ashes. And yet . . .

And yet a desperate remnant of humanity holds fast. High amongst the windswept crags of Cymru (Wales), where once the druids worshipped their gods, they prepare to follow their age’s last druid across the maelstrom divide of space and time to the heart of their destruction, to Krîl-lôc and the Krîll Empire.

Krîl-lôc A world where sorcery and dark lores are woven into the very fabric of existence, where prophesy balances the gods’ opaque dreams of chaos and order in a conflict as old as creation itself.

Six thousand years and more it has been since the Krîll clans staunched their bloody wounds and began the weary work of rebuilding their shattered world. A world stricken and left uninhabitable across whole continents, devastated in cataclysmic wars between ancient and puissant empires, wars where fell weapons of sorcery were wielded, kingdoms drowned, vast lands scorched and cursed.

Driven by the iron will of their High Shaman, a resurgent Krîll Empire searches for new and unspoiled lands to conquer and settle. New lands?
Indeed, they seek more, much more. Their shamans and warlocks pierce the lightless void between realms of time and space in search of nothing less than worlds whole to master.

Dael ap Owain mystic, warrior, sorcerer and seer – raised by druids, trained by Myrddin, and barely returned alive from the mystery shrouded Cloud Kingdoms beyond the Eastern horizon. Now in command of eldritch powers long lost to the Western World, he will match himself against the enemy who has wrought such ill upon his world; against Drägorîsh, High Shaman to the Krîll Empire. Here he begins his fight to undo the horror unleashed across Terra, and mankind’s very existence rests in the balance of Dael’s gambit.

Bound within a prophecy’s doom, this is a tale of two ages, the pledge that spans them, and of two worlds woven tightly into a legacy’s tapestry. A legacy wrought in love and desperate hope, in sacrifice and courage against the ruin of despair.

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