The Many Shades of Madness

With war raging all around her, Gywn journeys into the Deep Wastes for her Dedfryd Gwlad, her testing. If she survives the trials, she will emerge a druid and Singer.

Ahzra-hòd, with his boyhood friend, the warlock Krishnóc riding at his side, leads his scout company into their deadliest engagement yet. The question isn’t how many will survive; it is about how few will survive a bloody, uneven fight against the Aestrâgor.

When The Emperor’s deadliest spy kidnaps a member of Duke Krazûk’s inner household, the Duke must send his best Drîm Grâlic, his Black Warlocks, to stop her before a most dangerous, singular secret is uncovered.

In a cataclysmic battle of sorceries, Gywn learns of Dael’s final confrontation with the Krîll shaman responsible for Earth’s invasion, pillage, and destruction, High Shaman Drägôrish. And so is born, Dael’s Legacy.

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