Prophecy’s Children

We fancy the vision of prophesy is free of horizons and such limits.

Yet when we look into its shadows we discover chaos. By its very limitlessness our sight fails us. Mortal vision is not made to grasp the infinite probabilities that are prophesy.

– Morrigan: A War Druid’s Mind

Born upon the eve of a war even now entering its twilight, four children step carefully into a new season in their young lives: a season without war between the Aestrâgor and the Krîll; a war that has left the sands of the Western Wastes washed in blood and bones.

A new war is coming. Duke Krazûk and his few allies pit their legions, seasoned hard and tempered to a lethal sharpness in the barren Wastes, against the vastly more numerous imperial legions of Emperor Morgrik.

Each child is spoken of within the opaque stanzas of the powerful Prophesy of Rânoc.

Dylan: Born in battle that saw his warrior mother dead, the young Aestrâgor boy must find within himself a path that can bring balance and peace between his destiny and his burning desire to become an elite warrior like his mother, a fiana, and avenge her death.

The twins, Gröndik-rak and Taellish-ral: Born into intrigue and sorrow. Orphaned but days after their birth, they unknowingly live in shadow-hidden peril and refuge deep within the Great Plains of northern Ish-lâc. Born more to the drumming beat of hooves and swish of manes than the gentle sounds of the nursery, the herds of the plains are their closest kin in spirit and heart.

Young Drägorîsh: Born in bloody horror upon a ill-cursed alter, a necromancer’s unholy cant howling over his mother’s womb, born deformed and secretly feared, it is rumored that he is his namesake’s resurrected daemon — Drägorîsh, of whom legend tells us saved all Krîl-lôc from the Mârgrôllic Witches only to lead the Krîll across time and space into the unknown perils of another realm and world called Rôme.

It is for a reborn Drägorîsh to claim his own destiny. Yet, the inner struggle could easily destroy him as well as an empire.

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