Across Time’s Dark Way

The gods bore Krîl-lôc to temper our souls.

– Morrigan: A War Druid’s Mind

Dael’s Legacy strides across the generations with the bloody signature of war. The simmering, hate-fed struggle between the Krîll Empire and the Aestrâgor erupts into an all-consuming conflagration.

Duke Krazûk’s growing conflict with Emperor Morgrik is building towards full rebellion. Intrigue and assassination spread across the realm like burning oil even as the Duke’s western border runs red with renewed war against the Aestrâgor.

Gywn fights to master her deepest fears in her quest to become a Singer as she delves into her people’s past and the true heart of Dael’s Legacy.

Hu and Gia discover the cruel meanings of despair in their search for the mysterious seeress, Faydrám, Queen of Prophesy amongst the frozen wastes of the North.

High Shaman Mîldrigôrric begins to unravel the arcane mysteries that will unlock the power within that horrific relic, the Scroll of Dôrmingrísh, and his ambitions grow ever darker and dangerous.

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