A Bridge of Stars

“What is truth?”

“Truth?” Truth is why we fear.”

– The Book of Questions

Duke Krazûk leads the rebellion in a dangerous gambit in order to strike a killing blow against Emperor Morgrik-dôl and his allied dukes. It is a dangerous gamble in the ever-uncertain fortunes of war.

Young Dylan and Drägorîsh have both embarked on journeys which will either see each through his daemon’s realm, dead, or worse.

The Aestrâgor, still suspicious of the unexpected peace – or at least, the momentary cessation of war’s butchery – are actively engaged in spying on the Krîll’s civil war. Some would like to tip the scales by joining in the fighting.

The twins tend to the ever-growing herds of damaged and wounded war steeds. As the four legged casualties mount, a hot fire of anger and helpless frustration threatens to scar Gröndik-rak and Taellish-ral.

And in the East, the ill shadows of the Margrôllic Witches grow with an insatiable thirst for conquest.

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