There are years of much and years of little, years of great hunger and years of bare content.
But gods spare us the years of bone and ash.


Years of Bone and Ash

Across the sweep of the Roman Empire a new age has broken. An age where the Hun, the Vandal, the Saxon and the Goth challenge Rome’s iron rule. An age where the ancient mysteries of the druids and their gods are little more than a dim flicker within the souls of men and women across Britannia. An age where the gods of old fade, their jaded indifference cast against the nascent certitudes of a Christian Trinity. This is an age balanced upon the cusp of shattering change, a celestial season gravid with perilous convergences where the improbable, the impossible, the fantastical will find form and substance; where febrile dreams are want to reshape reality itself.

The Years of Bone and Ash chronicles the conquest of Earth in the Fifth Century by the Krîll of Krîl-lôc, a people from an alternate universe. A conquest that will push mankind to the brink of extermination before a desperate band of survivors gambles everything for the chance to strike back and save their world. Bound within a prophesy’s doom, it is the story of Terra’s destruction, a tale of exile and faith, of two ages and the pledge that spans them, and of two worlds woven tightly into a legacy’s tapestry. A legacy wrought in passion and desperate hope, in sacrifice and courage against the ruin of despair.

History was written with our blood.  What then of our dreams?

~ Our Legacy by Dael ap Owain

And Earth wept.

Some claim a legacy, once sworn and attested, shall last as long as memory binds it to the living. Others hold, the need for the living is moot. A legacy thus sworn binds the very soul to its course. Binds it into eternity if necessary.

Amidst the ashes and ruin of invasion, with his world crushed beneath the iron heel of the Krîll legions, Earth’s last druid swears an oath to lead humanity’s salvation.

And so is born the age of Dael’s Legacy.

The Books

Upon A Legacy Sworn

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We speak of our legacies – our Oaths, Promises, Choices, and Songs
As if we brought none across time with us. This we did, most assuredly. We brought ourselves.
– Morrigan: The Legacies

It is the year 462 anno Domini and the Roman Empire lies in bloody ruin beneath the Krîll legions’ steel. Indeed across the whole of Terra, verdant mother to mankind, the earth cries for her dead. Hope lies in ashes. And yet . . .

And yet a desperate remnant of humanity holds fast. High amongst the windswept crags of Cymru (Wales), where once the druids worshipped their gods, they prepare to follow their age’s last druid across the maelstrom divide of space and time to the heart of their destruction, to Krîl-lôc and the Krîll Empire.

Krîl-lôc A world where sorcery and dark lores are woven into the very fabric of existence, where prophesy balances the gods’ opaque dreams of chaos and order in a conflict as old as creation itself.

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Across Time's Dark Way

Available: Fall 2018

The gods bore Krîl-lôc to temper our souls.
– Morrigan: A War Druid’s Mind

Dael's Legacy strides across the generations with the bloody signature of war. The simmering, hate-fed struggle between the Krîll Empire and the Aestrâgor erupts into an all-consuming conflagration.

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The Many Shades of Madness

Available: Spring 2019

With war raging all around her, Gywn journeys into the Deep Wastes for her Dedfryd Gwlad, her testing. If she survives the trials, she will emerge a druid and Singer.

Ahzra-hòd, with his boyhood friend, the warlock Krishnóc riding at his side, leads his scout company into their deadliest engagement yet. The question isn't how many will survive; it is about how few will survive a bloody, uneven fight against the Aestrâgor.

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Prophecy's Children

Available: Fall 2019

We fancy the vision of prophesy is free of horizons and such limits. Yet when we look into its shadows we discover chaos. By its very limitlessness our sight fails us. Mortal vision is not made to grasp the infinite probabilities that are prophesy.
– Morrigan: A War Druid’s Mind

Born upon the eve of a war even now entering its twilight, four children step carefully into a new season in their young lives: a season without war between the Aestrâgor and the Krîll; a war that has left the sands of the Western Wastes washed in blood and bones.

A new war is coming. Duke Krazûk and his few allies pit their legions, seasoned hard and tempered to a lethal sharpness in the barren Wastes, against the vastly more numerous imperial legions of Emperor Morgrik.

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A Bridge of Stars

Available: Spring 2020

“What is truth?”

“Truth?” Truth is why we fear.”
– The Book of Questions

Duke Krazûk leads the rebellion in a dangerous gambit in order to strike a killing blow against Emperor Morgrik-dôl and his allied dukes. It is a dangerous gamble in the ever-uncertain fortunes of war.

Young Dylan and Drägorîsh have both embarked on journeys which will either see each through his daemon’s realm, dead, or worse.

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Drew Dobson

Drew Dobson grew up in a military family, moving every few years to new postings that included Denmark, Germany, Puerto Rico, and Austria where he developed an interest in the diversity of people and their histories. He graduated from Culver Military Academy and attended the University of South Carolina.

Completing his military enlistment with a tour in Korea, he settled in the United States.

A father and grandfather as well as musician and black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Moo Duk Kwon, he writes from prison.

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